Corporate Overview

Since day one, Nextracker’s goal has been to transition the world to affordable, renewable power by developing the highest performing and resilient solar tracking technologies and software in the market for our customers.

As the leading provider of intelligent, integrated solar tracker and software solutions used in utility-scale and distributed generation solar projects around the world, our products enable solar panels to follow the sun’s movement across the sky and optimize plant performance. From sustainable tracker solutions that conform to uneven terrain and withstand extreme weather, Nextracker systems have resilience built in. With over 100 gigawatts shipped worldwide, Nextracker leads the solar industry with solar tracker technologies that optimize and increase energy production while reducing costs for significant plant ROI.

Nextracker is: Energy, Delivered.

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Channels for Disclosure of Information

Nextracker intends to announce material information to the public through the Nextracker Investor Relations website, SEC filings, press releases, public conference calls, and public webcasts. Nextracker uses these channels to communicate with its investors, customers, and the public about the company, its offerings, and other issues. As such, Nextracker encourages investors, the media, and others to follow the channels listed above and to review the information disclosed through such channels.